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Computational Physics

Welcome to the University of Toronto Computational Physics website! We have created this site to help you get started on using computers to help you learn and solve problems in physics. The material is primarily intended for lower-year students enrolled in physics major and specialist courses at the University of Toronto, but anyone should feel free to browse and learn.

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The purpose of this website is to help you, a "typical" U of T Physics student, start doing physics on a computer with the Python programming language.

We'll assume that you don't have much background, but if you do, you will be able to fly through some of the material.

This website won't teach how to become an expert programmer. High-quality programming skills are valuable and will make your life easier if you get into big projects, but here we are aiming to get you comfortable using computers in physics:

  • For challenging math calculations.
  • To model and analyze physical systems.
  • To work with experimental and field data.

We want these skills to become part of the toolkit you use every day to do work in physics. In our tutorial materials, and in most of our courses, we emphasizes short programs that teach you a lot about physics.

Here are some important parts of this website:

Suggested Study Path for select Physics courses

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